Meet Debra Kunz

Debra KunzDebra Kunz is the Founder of the Center for Deliberate Growth®, an executive coaching, business performance, and growth consulting company based in the Kansas City area. She is a Certified Business Coach with 25 years of experience solving business problems. Sought out for her practical wisdom, Debra has guided business owners and leaders of small to medium sized companies, as well as large corporations, in a wide variety of industries.

In recognition of her work with growing businesses, Debra was presented with the 2017 Excellence in Practice Award for ‘Coaching and Mentoring’ from the Association for Talent Development, Kansas City. Debra was also selected as the 2017 Kansas Women Business Advocate of the Year from the Kansas Department of Commerce, Office of Minority and Women Business Development.

As the creator of the Deliberate Growth® System, Debra works with businesses to raise revenue, leverage leadership and teamwork, and drive forward motion. Through her straightforward and insightful guidance, clients are realizing results such as achieving record revenue, maximizing the benefits of organizational transitions, navigating critical business crossroads, coping with industry shifts, elevating productive teamwork, expanding sales opportunities, and breaking through revenue plateaus.

Before founding the Center for Deliberate Growth® in 2010, Debra’s first-hand experience steering increasingly complex business problems began with three years working for family-owned businesses. From there, she spent 10 years in corporate life and navigated through 10 company mergers in 10 years. During this time, she became a sought after project manager and led teams related to business analysis, change management, marketing and communications strategy, brand management, project and process management, quality system initiatives, and organizational development. Seeking a more entrepreneurial opportunity, Debra’s journey continued with six years as a financial and investment advisor that included working with business owners.

As an engaging speaker and facilitator, she has shared her knowledgeable and motivating style at numerous private events, a college commencement ceremony, and television and radio interviews. As an author, Debra received an international transformational author award for her personal development book that was also voted number one in it’s category.

Debra’s study of business strategy, problem solving techniques, and human motivation includes a business coaching CMMS certification as well as a money mindset SMA certification from the International Association of Women in Coaching; a personal and team strengths accreditation from Strengthscope®; a master’s degree in business from Baker University; a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Iowa State University; and two and a half decades as the requested level-headed guide for business challenges.

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