Deliberate Growth®: The Principles of Growth Power

The word “Deliberate” is about intentional commitment.
The word “Growth” can include multiple dimensions of expansion.
When combined, Deliberate Growth® creates power through practical strategies, purposeful action, and mindset breakthroughs to fuel business prosperity.


The word ‘Deliberate’ comes from my business experience that repeatedly proves that a well thought-out and clearly defined business goal, implemented with intentional actions, and combined with an effective mindset, will create desired and necessary results.

My knack for planning has been dubbed ‘Instant Project Planning’ because it comes naturally to me to see the vision, break down the opportunities and problems, determine what steps are needed and which are not, identify the dependencies between the steps, and then put them in the right order to maximize outcomes. This means that, with my help, you can focus on plans and activities that actually create results.

Be Strategic

The purpose of this intentional strategy is to provide a framework for decisions as well as actions, which will flex with your needs. This structure creates a focus on things that you can control instead of allowing things that you can’t control to drive the business. Something usually happens that could take you off course. It might be one of the best things that you never thought of, or it could be a costly distraction. How do you know the difference?

Connect Actions to Goals

Without a decision framework that’s aligned with your goals and the actions you take each day, it’s difficult to assess whether the unexpected great opportunity (or the seemingly monumental obstacle) is actually relevant to your business. This is the critical point where business owners get themselves into trouble — because it can create a spin of indecision, or a cycle of trying everything that comes your way. Neither is focused. And neither actually progresses your business toward your goals.

Create a Growth Mindset

One of the critical ingredients for creating business growth is a willingness to continually update your perspective about what makes growth possible. That is likely to mean that some of the ways you’ve been doing things will have to change, expand and/or stop. The more open you are to these possibilities, the smoother and/or faster the desired results can be created. My On-The-Spot Coaching is one key to help you stay focused on your purposeful goals, and to identify and navigate through pivotal decisions.


It is my passion to help people improve themselves and their businesses, and to be able to create the lives they want. Your reasons for Growth will drive your depth of commitment to be Deliberate. The question is, What do you want to grow and why?


Growth can include multiple dimensions of business metrics, workflow or process improvements, sales and marketing performance, leadership or team development, and numerous financial measurements. In the context of a business, at some point, Growth comes down to money. Maybe it’s making more of it or spending less of it or understanding how to hang onto more of it.

The real focus is what you want the money to do for you, and not the money itself. Maybe you want to send the kids to college, retire early, expand to more business locations, delegate more and work fewer hours, exit or sell the business, add product lines, travel the world, add employees, have greater influence, donate to your favorite charity, invest in other businesses, or leave the legacy of your choice.


The route to the life and business you want goes directly through the decisions you make and the actions you take, and your Growth Mindset during the process. My role is to provide guidance, insights, expertise that you may not have, and objective honesty.

I can wear many hats in our work together, sometimes simultaneously.

  • Coach – Guide, ask tough questions, uncover blind spots, create mindset breakthroughs, share a thought provoking, insightful and objective perspective, and inspire action.
  • Consultant – Advise, help solve problems, and often fill a knowledge gap in the business. Coaching does this, too, but wearing the consultant hat, I’m also bringing a solution.
  • Analyst – Identify and examine opportunities and barriers, and then prioritize what’s most relevant. Define success measures and monitor progress regularly.
  • Facilitator – Pull groups together onto the same page, build trust, solve problems, move forward in a common direction, enhance teamwork, and get more done.
  • Strategist – Help envision the purpose and goals. Then connect them with where you are today, and outline action plans to move forward.

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