Drive Forward Motion

“You can change without growing, but you cannot grow without changing.” Debra Kunz

“Our work with Debra Kunz has helped us become more focused and on track because she took the time to get to know our healthcare practice and see where our strengths and weaknesses were, and our goals. Then she helped us devise a plan to get to the goal. When we got off track, she knew how to keep on task and gently guided us back to what’s important for our practice. If someone were interested in working with Debi, I would say she is very good at thinking outside of the box.”

Brenda Haney, CPC, CMPE

Practice Administrator, Cornerstone Family Care

It’s tough to move forward when you feel stuck in place. The comfort of what you’ve been doing, even though it doesn’t get you anywhere, is one of the biggest obstacles to immediate progress. The other is all the distractions that seem like good reasons to just keep plodding along, even though they continue to pull you away from what you want.

Take Intentional Action

forward-motion-blue-iconIf you’re ready to break out of your comfort zone and move yourself and your business forward, the Deliberate Growth® System is right for you.

Working together, we discover and assess your biggest challenges right now. After clarifying your goals, we’ll prioritize your opportunities, barriers, and blind spots, and then select the corresponding strategies that will produce the greatest shift in you and your business momentum. You might think of it as knowing which action steps to start, stop, or improve.

How It Works

As your Business Coach, my role is to provide guidance, focus and accountability, and to share my problem solving expertise of 25 years. My only agenda is to help you achieve what you want. That means I’ll ask tough questions, expect full participation, share observations and insights, help you navigate obstacles, and recognize your successes.

Depending upon the program that’s most appropriate for your business challenges, we’ll work together a couple times a month for 90 days to twelve months. If you have one specific issue that has you stuck, ask me about my jump-start workshops.

Engagement Options – These can be effective independently or in combination with each other.

One/One Guidance for Business Owners and Key Leaders Individually
Group Sessions for the Owner and the Leadership Team Together
Engage the whole business if it’s relevant and productive.
Leverage the discoveries from Leadership, Growth Mindset, and Teamwork Assessment Tools

Client Results

  • Get clear on the decisions needed for progress.
  • Break down big goals into chunks that you can act on and achieve.
  • Do things that you wouldn’t do on your own.
  • Embrace a new way of thinking that shifts old behaviors and actions that are blocking progress.
  • Challenge your beliefs, assumptions, patterns, blind spots, and decisions that hold you back.
  • Feel focused, centered and understood.

Ready To Move Forward?

Contact me for a complimentary Deliberate Growth® Consultation and discover your #1 barrier in moving forward.

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