Leverage Leadership and Teamwork

“When you harness business momentum, you now have growth power.” Debra Kunz

“One of the things I most appreciate about Debra is she is a great listener and really helped me identify the things we needed to deal with. I could see the symptom; she helped me determine the cause and how to fix it. For our Board Retreats, rarely have I hired the same facilitator three years in a row, though the Board requested her to return. The second and third years were just as engaging and productive as the first and Debra is a key part of creating that excitement.”

Lara Vermillion

President, Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce

You may have noticed that your people don’t seem to be on the same page anymore. The smallest tasks are taking too much time to complete, and there’s a lot of effort spent managing conflict instead of productive collaboration. That means the focus is on managing people problems instead of achieving business goals.

Building Leaders and Teams

leadership-teamwork-blue-iconIf you’re ready to work better together and get more done, the Deliberate Growth® System is right for you.

Working together, we discover and assess your biggest challenges right now. After clarifying your goals, we’ll prioritize your obstacles and opportunities, and then select the corresponding leadership and/or teamwork strategies that will create the greatest shift in your business. You might think of it as knowing which collaboration levers to pull, push or even keep the same.

How It Works

As your Business Coach and Team Facilitator, my role is to provide guidance, focus and accountability, and to share my problem solving expertise of 25 years. My only agenda is to help you achieve what you want. That means I’ll ask tough questions, expect full participation, share observations and insights, help you navigate blind spots and barriers, and recognize your successes.

Depending upon the teamwork and leadership challenges (and opportunities) we’re addressing, the solutions could take a variety of forms. The timeframe involved will be based on what you most want to accomplish.

Engagement Options – These can be effective independently or in combination with each other.

One/One Guidance for Business Owners and Key Leaders Individually
Group Sessions for the Owner and the Leadership Team Together
Engage the whole business if it’s relevant and productive. For example, leadership or employee retreats; leadership, communication or collaboration training; and training on productive meetings.
Leverage the discoveries from Leadership, Growth Mindset, and Teamwork Assessment Tools

Client Results

  • Focus on business goals and problem resolution instead of personality conflicts.
  • Innovate better efficiencies and resource management.
  • Streamline workflow for a smoother service or product delivery with a better client experience.
  • Concise decision-making with support for implementation.
  • Deepen engagement and get more done.

Want To Leverage Your Abilities?

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