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“Revenue is an outcome, not an action step.” Debra Kunz

“Debra has a unique combination of knowledge, experience, intuition, and the ability to learn a business and distill issues into action steps from both a high & ground level perspective. As a result of our work with her, we are consistently able to hit or exceed our new revenue goals.”

Greg Love

Operations & Marketing Director, Law Office of Aaron L. Love, PC

So you’ve been in business a while and things are going well. Except that now you’ve noticed that revenue has slowed down. Perhaps flattened out altogether. You’ve tried a few things to push it up, but it’s not budging. And you’re not sure what to do next.

This is a frustrating place to be. The good news is that it can be temporary!

Creating Growth Traction

raise-revenue-blue-iconIf you’re ready to get a grip on your business, the Deliberate Growth® System is right for you.

Working together, we discover and assess your biggest challenges right now. After clarifying your goals, we’ll prioritize your barriers, blocks, and opportunities, and then select the corresponding growth strategies that will create the greatest shift in your business. You might think of it as knowing which revenue levers to pull, push or even keep the same.

How It Works

As your Business Coach, my role is to provide guidance, focus and accountability, and to share my problem solving expertise of 25 years. My only agenda is to help you achieve what you want. That means I’ll ask tough questions, expect full participation, share observations and insights, help you navigate obstacles, and recognize your successes.

Depending upon the program that’s most appropriate for your business challenges, we’ll work together a couple times a month for six to twelve months. If you have one specific revenue generating problem to address, ask me about my jump-start workshops.

Engagement Options – These can be effective independently or in combination with each other.

One/One Guidance for Business Owners and Key Leaders Individually
Group Sessions for the Owner and the Leadership Team Together
Engage the whole business if it’s relevant and productive.

Client Results

  • Achieved record revenue in the off season with a 30% increase.
  • Boosted flattened revenue with an 11% bump.
  • Simplified implementation plans with focused and achievable action steps.
  • Exceeded monthly revenue goal by 28% even while the business owner was on vacation.
  • Increased average monthly revenue by 54%.

Can I Raise Your Revenue?

Contact me for a complimentary Deliberate Growth® Consultation and discover your #1 barrier to raising your revenue.

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